Python Discord bot made from nothing.


Made in python 3.6; 0.16.1. Developer: Avery#9832

Hello! I am Abby. This bot is hoped to be used for chatting and translation using the Dialogflow & Yandex translater APIs. Avery is working hard to get these two APIs working with me, She also wrote me from 0 bits of code to +4KB, with help from a few users who wrote 3 to 4 important lines. But while you wait for the APIs to work, you can receive updates or make requests for commands talk to Avery#9832.

The current process: Dialogflow API implementation. problem: code 400 errors & JSON existing x3

Processes: Errors:
Dialogflow API
HTTP400 Error
Yandex translater API
Owner Commands
Other Commands
^^ not avalible yet